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YouTube: What Still Needs Fixed.

With the fixes to YouTube's copyright System, This shows that the company is listening to it's content creators. This new system allows creators who use copyrighted material under fair use.

But I won't get into that, Instead I want to talk about the rest of YouTube. Cause lets be honest with the copyright and comment system, we've probably forgotten that the rest of the site is still not perfect.

Most of these aren't major changes just tweaks that would fix the site completely.

So here's a list of things that still need fixed on YouTube.

1. Get Rid Google Plus Lets just get this out of the way, from the day it was released everybody hated it, and while it has been updated and improved the past few years, It's still buggy and doesn't really work.  The way I see it there's two options.  1. Pull it out of YouTube. The old inbox method worked fine and for a while on the home page you could see how many new unread comments you had and it'd take you ri…

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