Friday, April 19, 2013

My Star wars episode 2 fan edit info

Hey what's up goodfelas.

Now on to our main topic. I purchased star wars episode II attack of the clones, because I was doing a fan edit of it. Now I want to make something clear. I like the. Star Wars prequels. Godamn Revenge of the sith is my favorite Star wars movie of all time.

The tittle of it is called The Darkside Beckons

The biggest thing I'm doing is now Episode II is now Episode I. The Phantom Menace did not happen. Now it starts off with anakin having his mother die and being the turning point to the dark side. The biggest advantage here is that now with it reveling the army of the republic (latter the empire) and Anakins turning point in the first part is a perfect way to set everything up the rest of the saga.
So what does this mean for Episode III? Originally I did not want to do Episode III because like I said its my favorite in the whole saga. However, now that The Phantom Menace is gone we lose one movie in the six film saga. So now Revenge of the Sith is going to be two movies. Episode II is the first part and the the rest of the half of episode III is part 2. It ends with plapatene sends Anakin (now knighted Darth Vader) to the Jedi temple. More will be said on this latter

New opening crawl.
Fix the confusing story. Syphodias, viceroy gunnery subplot, etc.
Make the romance between Anakin and Padme believable
Make Anakin likable and less whiny and creepy.
Remove bad dialogue.
No mention of Darth Tyrannous. Count Dooku is just Count Dooku
Removed c -3POs appearance
New beginning
Moved the scene when Count Dooku lands on couriscuant to the very beggining with modified dialogue.
Jango fett doesn't die
Modified arena battle.
 Modified light saber duel. Anakin doesn't run up to Dooku like a dumb ass he and obi wan fight together for a short period of time then Dooku saps him.
Jar jar is gone he has no dialogue hes just here and there.

The film doesn't jump around as much as it used to we spend more time with one character. For example all the parts were obi wan is on kamnio it stays with him the whole time it doesn't jump between him and Anakin. After he and jangle fight it goes to Anakin and Padme in the fields.

So that's all there is to say without this lasting an eternity. Sorry this is late.

Take care.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Updates

Well finally a new post.
Not to hold anything back so lets just get started.

FCTV documentary
This is a documentary for my schools TV program. Myself and my good collaborative friends Ryan Long and Justin Beasley are making this for a telethon for actual television. Its really a live stream that will last around 8 hours. It will be filled with videos and events from people in our community. The documentary will kick it off to get the audience hooked for the rest of it. we have shot two interviews so far and have about five more to go.

Tom and Josephs time paradox CANCELED
After being tied to other projects I have lost interest in the show. Stop motion was the first kind of filmmaking I did when  I first started, but since then I just don't have the spark as i used to.

Star Wars Episode II fan edit.
I will be posting a full description of my fan edit and what changes I have done.

There are more short films to come but not too much to give away at the moment. That's all I have to give out.
Take Care

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mission 2 description.

Mission 2 description.

Yesterday I didn't say I was going to do a description post on this short film, but what the hell.

In case you don't know the plot of Mission 1 (probably because there was no real plot planed when we filmed it) Its about a scientist whom is dying, (guy in the wheel chair) calls on his old friend (the kid the clone was chasing) to build a machine that will destroy his worst creation....His clones.(the guy with the silencer pistol) When his friend arrives the dying scientist pays him the money he needs. However his clones are not are going to let there creator wipe out the thousands of them that have been sprung across the world. The machine that the friend is going to build is a weapon that will nuteralize the clones blood stream, since they are non-human and literally vanish with out a trace.

That't the premise. As for Mission 2. The friend arranges a deal with a person that has the power source of weapon. Witch destroys the clones bloodstream, wiping them out. However he knows the clones do not want him to get his hands on the power source. So he hires gunmen to protect him. However the clones are prepared this time. Six of them have been sent to stop him.

That's all there is without giving away spoilers. Once the skit is done, we will start back up on mission 2.

That's it for now on this film

Stayed tuned for the description of the other films and projects to come.

Take Care.    

P.S I know there is a spelling error.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

HEY Long time no update. I haven't updated this in the last few months because I've been really busy with school and video projects. Rest assured lets get and update.

 I've been working on a skit we've been planning for a few months. Its a 2012 skit. I don't want to spoil anything, but just keep in mind don't take it too seriously.

We are working on a short action movie called Mission 2. I can't fully detail it here, but I'll do another post tomorrow or so and I'll give a description of it. We are still in pre-production the script is written and now we are getting actors and scouting locations.
You can see Mission 1 right here

Nothing Personal:
This film hasn't been touched on a lot since I've been busy with these other two projects. Once we finish Mission 2, we are hoping to start back up on it. I'll do a description post tomorrow.

New show.
We are in production of a brick film show (stop motion) called Tom and Joseph's Time Paradox. We are currently writing the script for the pilot episodes and building sets. Again description post tomorrow.

5th and final update.
New Name, New channel.
We have decide to rename our video business. Called...B and H studios
With this re-branding we need a new You Tube channel and Facebook page. They are not up yet but when they are I will tweet it so make sure to follow me on twitter @ThomasBolt1. That also means this blogs name will be changed if I can so remember that.

So yeah stay tuned a lot of great things are coming. I promise I will try and post once a week or so depending on if I have any thing to report. So stay with me and follow me on twitter and subscribe to my personal You Tube channel called Thomas Bolt.

Take Care  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Change of Plans Part 2

Hello I know its been awhile since the last post. The reason is I have been really busy with my family and that stuff. My friend and I have made up and we are going to do a new film called "Nothing Personal" its about a teenager who has a bad home life that eventually drives him to homicide. This film is in pre-production the script is still in writing, that should take through the next month or so, the rest of the pre-production process should take through the end of the year shooting should take place within or in one week in June of next year. Safe to say to have it out at around October of 2013. Reason for a long process is because of writing and the rest of the Pre-production stages and shooting and the editing. Hopefully we can get a good product out of this. Until then stay tuned I'll keep you up to date on its progress and with other videos to come. I will try and post more frequently from now on. Take Care

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Change of Plans

hello back again.The team just took a fault unfortunately. My "friend" has informed me that he is not going to be in the film, Attack of the Zombies. I am trying to figure out what to do, since i have this 20 page script and no one to read it. This is a low point for me. I will try to figure out what to do in the mean a specal edition of an old video will be worked in the coming months. Please stay with me I am going to do the vary best I can.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Site

Hello to whomever is reading this. My name is Thomas Bolt Owner and founder of The Freeman Team a film making team on My team so far consists of five people, myself, my good friend Brandon Hiatt and my two cousins Wyatt and Walker Bolt. We are working to expand the team and making progress. Right now we are currently working on a film called Attack of the Zombies. We should start shooting at the end of the month we are finishing our eighth grade year finishing everything up, taking the MAP tests next week, and getting ready for finals. We hope you support us and follow us through the production of Attack of the Zombies. Thank you for your time.

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